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Custom Works is happy to announce the release of our new #9071 Buckeye 9.5" Latemodel body. Based off the 9" wide Keystone body this new body has several modifications and improvements which are listed below. Just like the Keystone the new Buckeye will include precut window masks, precut and drilled spoiler and side spoiler supports and mounting hardware.
  • Increased width to 9.5" for more downforce and better clearance on wider cars like the Dominator.
  • Length increased by 1.25" for more stability and more overall downforce.
  • Stepped side panel profiling to provide greater side force stability helpful on low bite and high speed tracks.
  • Front splitter has been raised to allow max benefit of body attitude without trimming
  • Deep dished headlight detail and expanded fender humps to create more pressure loading for more frontal downforce

Price: $32.00