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Price: $34.00

In recent years Rear Toe In has become one of the most important tuning aids for dirt oval racing cars. In the past we used multiple configurations of rear toe blocks to get the desired toe in, toe out, or rear steer in the car. We are happy to announce our all new PATENT PENDING design Adjustable Toe rear A-arms that allow the fastest and most tunable option for rear toe in available from any design. You can now use just a single set of 0 degree rear toe blocks and set the toe in the arm anywhere from a range of 0 to +or- 7 degrees with just a few turns of a standard 1/16" wrench. The wrench engages a screw that is recessed into the arm and drives a slide pushing that then moves the pivot section of the arm to achieve the desired Toe in. Now a range of adjustment is available so quick and easily you can literally make Rear Toe adjustments in hot laps just before a heat or a race.

Check out this video for a demonstration on how they work.

Several months of design, engineering and testing have gone in to these new arms and we are very excited to bring this new design to you the racers. These #3242 rear arms fit all Enforcer and Intimidator kits as well as the new Dominator and are a direct replacement for any Dirt Oval car kit using our standard #3240 rear arms. A long set of arms #3244 are also available to fit all CW Rocket and Outlaw kits as well any car using our #3254 rear arms.