R2 Foam Tire Compound: Front

R2 Foam Tire Compound: Rear
R2 Foam Tire Compound Derived from the popular "X" series of foam rubber compounds, the "R" series foam rubber has a better wear characteristic than the same density X2 only with barely a slight less amount of grip when compared to the X2 compound at most tracks. What it is good for is right side tires when X2's are the choice but maybe you are wearing them a little more than you like to. Also using them as a full set works very well when the track is tacky or wet and you need the car to roll easier and not be "stuck in the mud". Just like our other popular foam racing tires, the "letter" indicates the rubber type and is followed by a number that tells you the density rating of the foam compound...so the higher the number the greater the density. We will offer this rubber in R2 only at this point as the firmer versions of this compound do not seem to be fitting track conditions that are typically offered.

Carbon Battery Mounts
This mounting kit replaces the stock battery brackets and gives you the ability to move the battery left and right of the locating holes in your chassis. These mounts are a BIG help to regain your car's balance coming from the lighter weight 3200 DODC style batteries by allowing you to move the newer heavier batteries more inboard on the Intimidator kits. With the Rocket Stage 3 kits it also gives you freedom to move the battery as well and achieve greater balance and cornering.

Thrust Bearing Assembly
Gone are the days of trying to wrangle down the 6 tiny balls for the diff screw. This item is now a stock part in all kits, and fits CustomWorks differentials for electric, nitro and new style direct drive transmissions.

Titanium Front Axles
This option part is a direct replacement for the front axles in all CustomWorks kits not using the inclined spindles. Made in the USA from titanium this is the best axle you can have on your hot rod for weight and durabilty. Why even think about a steel axle if you happen to bend the stock aluminum axle??? This is the last front axle you will ever buy if you race the high side hard and fast!.

Machined Blades
This is the best blade we offer and lasts multiple races provided you put a tad bit of diff lube on it prior to the race day. The blade type design allows the rear suspension to move easier while under constant drive from the motor making the car turn easier thru the centers of the corner and off. Blade type outdrives are suggested for all dirt oval racing using foam tires, mod to stock. Also they are suggested for loose dirt rubber tire cars provided the power of the class is 13.5 blinky or less.

Tornado Mid West Modified Body
CustomWorks has released a "Tornado" for the dirt oval racer! Inspired by the real cars that race in the USMTS, IMCA, or UMP series across the nations heartland, the Tornado is a mid-western style dirt oval body sized for a variety of short course vehicles including Traxxas Slash, Associated, Losi as well as others. Molded from quality impact resistant polycarbonate the shape of the body panels provide both great looks and rigid form. The body kit includes all panels shown, pre-cut and formed spoiler, window masks, hardware, and basic accent decal set. CustomWorks is the dominate force in dirt oval racing offering competition quality racing kits and supplies since 1988.

Street Stock Camaro
Custom Works is pleased to announce the release of our #9075 1/10 Street Stock CAMARO Body. Based off of our original 9002 ASA/IROC Camaro mold this new release features pre-cut window masks and also includes a decal sheet for some added details. This body is perfect for any street stock type of class and fits most 1/10th scale buggies as well as any 1/10th oval based latemodel style chassis.

TrueSpeed 48 Pitch Spur Gears
Lightweight, True, and Quiet these are the best machined gears from sizes 85 thru 96 teeth. All gears have their size machined clearly into the part so there is no guessing which gear you have on the car.

TrueSpeed 64 Pitch Spur Gears
Lightweight, True, and Quiet these are the best machined gears. Sizes offered are 71 thru 85, 118, 120, 122, 124, 126 and 128 teeth. All gears have their size machined clearly into the part so there is no guessing which gear you have on the car.

Front Wing Mount for Sprint Cars
Wing Mount has been updated to fit both the new G6 and original CustomWorks sprint car cages. Strong and durable these mounts are now included in the both the 9055 Large Front Wing and 9056 Small Front Wing

Sprint Wing Mount for newer style cage
Updated to provide the high and low wing height options offered with the original wing mounts for the traditional cage.