August 2008

Custom Works has been working very hard this summer to develop some great new products for the dirt oval racing market. Some of these items are available now and some will be available in the next few months. As always we encourage you to contact your local racetrack or hobby dealer for assistance or to purchase any of our Custom Works products. If you do not know of a local dealer you can check out our where to buy section of our website. If you can not find a dealer nearby you can also purchase items direct from us by visiting our online catalog.

Be sure to check out the race news page of our website to see how our customers and team drivers have been doing in the races this summer. There are lots of great results from great racers and we would like to thank all of the racers who compete using Custom Works products. If you are looking for a place to race this summer you can check out our updated where to race page for a list of all of the upcoming races!


New 20 and 25 degree Front Suspension Mounts
New front suspension mounts are now available to increase the amount of kick-up in available to the front suspension arms. These new mounts provide an additional 5 and 10 degrees of kick-up over the stock 15 degree mount that has always been used. Increased kick-up will make the car more forgiving under acceleration and will provide more on power stability. The 20 degree block also includes the same two pin locations as provided in the 15 degree block to allow different roll center adjustments.

This carbon fiber Rear Shock Tower bolts to existing Enforcer and Intimidator GSX Kits and features adjustable shock mount widths. These adjustable widths correspond with the same adjustable arm widths in the current chassis which allows you to go from offset to non offset, and from wide to narrow without having to change the shock angle or length. It also mounts in front of the shocks to give you easier access to the springs for quick adjustments. All hardware is included and when used with the Enforcer GSX sprint car kit this, enables you to mount the cage directly to the tower for easy removal of the cage and body parts. Also allows use of #3232 Dual Rear Bumper hoops for added scale realism.

Retail Price $35.00


The front cage support allows you to mount the front "hooks" of the cage to the chassis without using any screws. This part when used with the #1280 Rear Shock Tower allows the Enforcer body and cage to be removed quickly and easily by removing just 2 screws and 2 body clips. Requires drilling of two holes to secure mount to front of the chassis.

Retail Price $10.00


WIDE Front and Rear Suspension Arms
New wide front and rear Suspension Arms will be available soon for the Custom Works dirt oval kits. These new arms have proven to be the ticket on loose dirt or buggy tire tracks. The key is to move the suspension mounts in to the inner mounting holes and then use these arms to space the wheels back out. This give the car a much more stable and forgiving platform that is perfect for those loose dirt type tracks. Some guys have begun using the wider arms on the right sides only even on high bit tracks to help offset the cars. The new front arms now utilize the larger 1/8" pin diameter that has been standard on all of the rear arms for quite some time. These new 1/8" front pins will also be available soon.

Custom Works New "MDX" Shocks
Custom Works is proud to announce the first shocks designed purely with Dirt Oval racers in mind. This new shock was designed by the Custom Works staff and is manufactured in the United States. This new shock will have some great new features including
  • Super Smooth MDX coated shock bodies
  • Multiple Pistons included
  • Optional Damper Bladders to control compression and rebound
  • 3 Different lengths available
  • Threaded shock body for easy spring adjustment
These new shocks are in production now and should be available by the end of August.
  • #1420 MDX Long Shocks (pr)
  • #1421 MDX Medium Shocks (pr)
  • #1422 MDX Short Shocks (pr)
Retail Price $49.00

The new OUTLAW Sprint car kit from Custom Works is dollar for dollar the most competitive complete 1/10 dirt oval kit ever produced. The OUTLAW comes with all the parts necessary to be a race winning car with no additional hop ups or modifications required to be competitive. Designed specifically for "loose dirt" or "buggy tire" tracks, the Outlaw is easily recognized by the longer suspension arms and long MDX Shocks that provide increased stability in dry, slick and bumpy conditions. The car will be available in both Electric and Nitro versions and each includes our new quick release cage mount system. The first Nitro prototype of this car was able to TQ and Win the prestigious Chili Bowl dirt oval race in its premier outing. A feat repeated by the electric prototype in its first race this summer. Kits should be shipping by end of September so you may want to place your
  • #0720 OUTLAW Electric Sprint Car Kit $ TBD
  • #0725 OUTLAW Nitro Sprint Car Kit $ TBD


New "INTIMIDATOR SE" 2wd Electric Kit
One of the best kept secrets of the summer is now out of the bag. The Custom Works design staff has worked closely with team drivers Steve and Eric Salvas to develop an all new 2WD Electric Dirt Oval car. The "INTIMIDATOR SE" is an innovative new design that has already won one of the biggest races of the year. In its first two major appearances Eric Salvas TQ'd and Won the 19T EDM class at the WDRA Summer Nationals just a few weeks ago. That win was followed up by Steve Salvas who took the TQ and win in the 13.5 EDM class at Lake Ariel Speedway this past weekend during stop #3 of the PA Nitro Tour. This truly unique design utilizes all of the quality engineered parts Custom Works is famous for plus some of our new molded components to help reduce both weight and cost. We expect to be shipping this kit in the next few months, more info and pricing will be available soon!