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Manuals and Setup Sheets

Part # Model Manual Setup Sheet Racer's Setups
0712 Rocket Stage 3
0713 Rocket Stage 3 Pro-Comp
0722 Outlaw 3
0723 Outlaw 3 Pro-Comp
0724 Outlaw 4
Dominator 4

0970 Enforcer 7 Direct Drive Kit
Enforcer 7 Gearbox Kit
0980 Intimidator 7 Direct Drive Kit
Intimidator 7 Gearbox Kit

Manuals and Setup Sheets for Older Kits

Foam Tire Reference Chart

Setup and Tuning Videos

Custom Works Video Seminar:
Rear width and wheel spacing

Custom Works Video Seminar:
Front width and wheel spacing

Custom Works Video Seminar:
Steering ackerman adjustment

Custom Works Video Seminar:
Adjustable rear suspension arms

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