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Manuals and Setup Sheets

Part # Model Manual Setup Sheet Racer's Setups
0726 Outlaw 5
2023 RC Chili Bowl - Max Flurer - Mod Sprint
2023 RC Chili Bowl - Brian Breckenridge - Wingless Sprint
2023 RC Chili Bowl - Brian Breckenridge - Mod Sprint
2023 Leftovers 100 - Rays Bull Ring - Brian Breckenridge - Mod Sprint
Club Race - The Factory - York PA - Brian Breckenridge - Mod Sprint
0716 Rocket 5
2023 RC Chili Bowl - Max Flurer - Mod LM
2023 RC Chili Bowl - Max Flurer - MWM
2023 RC Chili Bowl - Brian Breckenridge - Mod LM
0981 Intimidator 8 N/A
0985 Intimidator 7 Gearbox Kit
0980 Intimidator 7 Direct Drive Kit
Kit Setup -Foam
Kit Setup - Rubber
2017 Summer Nats Winner - Mobile Hobbies - Brian Breckenridge
2017 Dixie Nats TQ & Winner - Beach RC - Max Flurer
2019 Ice Breaker 17.5 EDM Winner - Limestone - Nick Rank
2019 Lil Indy 500 Winner - Lil Indy Speedway - Max Flurer
0975 Enforcer 7 Gearbox Kit
Kit Setup - Foam
2017 Dixie Nats Winner - Beach RC - Max Flurer
2017 Spec Tire Race - Go Fast Raceway - Max Flurer
2017 Sprint Nats Winner - Bumps & Jumps - Jason Burns
2018 Showdown Winner - Go Fast Raceway - Max Flurer
0970 Enforcer 7 Direct Drive Kit
Kit Setup -Foam
Kit Setup - Rubber
2016 Sprint Nats Winner - Bumps and Jumps - Dave McEwen
2017 Lil Indy 100 - Lil Indy Speedway - Brian Breckenridge
2017 February Freeze - Bumps and Jumps - Tyler Reimer
2018 Dixie Nats - Beach RC - 10.5 Sprint - Tyler Reimer
0941 Dominator 4
Rubber Tire - Chili Bowl, Tulsa OK - Arnie Fie
Foam Tire - Ice Breaker, Cherryville, NC - Arnie Fie
Foam Tire - Teas Winter Nats, Rochester MN - Arnie Fie
Foam Tire - CRC Hobbies, Club Race- SIDE DAM - Nick Rank
0850 Patriot
Test n Tune - King, NC - Jay Kennedy
2022 TNT - 803 Rock Hill, SC - Cam Neve S/E
0724 Outlaw 4
Setup Sheet per Manual - Good Starter
Allens RC, 2018 King of the Wings, Rochseter, IL, Max Flurer
2019 RC Battleground, Winona, MS - Mod Sprint -Max Flurer
Bloomsburg Fairgrounds 2021 - 17.5 Sprint - Russ Lebo
2021 MAD Series, LCRC, PA  - 17.5 Sprint -Brian Breckenridge
0714 Rocket 4
R4 Setup Stock-kit
2019 Ultimate RC Shootout, PA  - Russ Lebo
2019 JConcepts, Hobby Plex, Omaha - Max Flurer
2020 RC Chili Bowl, Tulsa, Oklahoma - Max Flurer - MWM
2020 North South Shootout, Muskogee, OK  - Brian Stanton - Open LM
2020 Thunder Road - Mike Murphy - Open LM

Foam Tire Reference Chart

"X" SERIES FOAMOur "X" series foam tire is the most versatile. More often than not the X2 will have more grip than other options. Use firmer compounds if the track is abrasive or to "get the car unstuck" in slower spec classes such as 17.5.X2X3 
"R" SERIES FOAM"R" series foam is a slightly different blend than the "X" series. The "R2" is sometimes better than the X2 on very wet clay. In other situations the R2 can be used to unstick the car in spec classes compared to the X2. Use firmer compounds if track is abrasive or to get the car to roll more freely and slower spec classes.R2R3R4
"V" SERIES FOAM"V" series foam has a much higher rubber content than the "X" or "R" series. The "V" series is more wear resistant. Use when there is an over-abundance of grip and the track and tire where is excessive. Works well on nitro tracks with a "black groove".V2V3V4
"P" SERIES FOAMTraditionally used on carpet tracks, the "P" series can sometimes work well on extremely wet or extremely dry clay. These are the least versatile tires since the amount of grip varies greatly with track condition.P2P3P4

Setup and Tuning Videos

Rear width and wheel spacing
Front width and wheel spacing
Steering ackerman adjustment
Adjustable rear suspension arm
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